About Swiss Post's E-Voting System

How does it work?

All the details and documentation about how to use the e-voting system are provided on Swiss Post’s dedicated website (that website is NOT part of the scope). It includes a video explaining how Swiss Post’s online voting system works.


Voting cards

In order to take part in actual votes, voters receive one voting card by postal mail that allows them to authenticate and cast a vote. Return codes confirm that the vote has been received and registered as intended (See www.evoting.ch/en for details). For an actual poll, the generation of these voting cards is usually performed by the corresponding Canton.

In this public intrusion test, all participants will receive an entire set of test voting cards. For the sake of simplicity and due to resource constraints, they will be made available electronically instead of the Cantons printing and sending them out by postal mail. These voting cards are generated by the operator of the e-voting system (Swiss Post) in the exact same manner as for an actual vote and will be available to you through your account on the PIT platform.

As for an actual vote, the electoral register is finalized prior to the opening of the vote. As a consequence of that, the number of voting cards is limited to a fixed, pre-defined, amount.

Each of these voting cards can only be used once, which is the expected behavior for an actual vote (each voter can only vote once). However, in the context of this PIT, participants will be offered multiple voting cards. In order to avoid wasting cards (e.g. by assigning them to registered participants that don’t actually use them) the distribution of voting cards will follow certain rules:

  • Upon initial request, participants will receive one voting card;
  • Further requests will deliver packs of ten cards;
  • After some limit new requests are subject to a manual approval.

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